Sunday, November 30, 2008

Warzone Mumbai

These were the walls, white and fair
Now the rusty tinge of blood, hangs heavy in the air

You recall the joy. when you walked down this road
They were remorseless, a way they sowed

The city of dreams in a state of shock,
Don't talk about our 'spirit', it's like when you mock

We've had enough of these games that you play
Breaking us apart, like we're made of clay

Always remember, there is strength in numbers
We have the power to put you into a deep slumber

- kd

Believe in your Country!

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Waking up to a fuzzy world
scratching my head, thinking somethings absurd
I wobble for a little bit
trying to get up and not get hit

I walk around this room
which seems like a flower, ready to bloom
everythings so out of focus
this isnt real, sounds bogus

Someones talking to me, but I dont see
words just mix and flee
Somethings not right, I wonder
theres gotta be some kinda blunder

I move around, colours are vivid
this seems boring, seems insipid
I need to get off this state
know more of whats on my plate

somethings affected my brain
that drink is sure going down the drain!
I fall back to sleep,
only to wake up to reality.


Monday, October 27, 2008

Here comes the pain

Something crawls under my skin
poking at the world within

I try to walk and get some water
my legs fail me, as I totter

Its the excruciating pain inside
which wants to burst open wide

It wants to be released
like some chained beast

It soon calms down, still painful, but calm
It stays there forever, sometimes active, but all there


Wednesday, October 01, 2008


In a state of tranquility
I lay there, with no thoughts

Pristine white light, 
thinking, are my troubles sought?

I still breathe fire 
with no despair

figuring out why do I feel
that no one cares

It was all over, that state of calm
with eyes wide open, no blinking

I wondered what it was
It was me, thinking


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

That Cloud is Following Me!

I've been walking for a mile
it's been drizzling for a while

Seems like it's a rainy path I'm on,
no sign of droplets all around

Funny it seems, but it's real
I can't see, but tingling I can feel

I look back and up at the cloud
whose mischievous smile is so god damn loud

I get the point, It's gonna follow me
not here and there, right on my head it'll pour

"The cloud is following me!" I shout
I look look lunatic with a big mouth

People around break in hysterical laughs
thinking 'He's lost it', thinking 'he's lost'

I cast a spell on the cloud with a wizard's tone
it won't follow me now, coz it's in your zone


Monday, July 21, 2008

I Love to do the grind!

Its not that I've lost touch
Its not about the flower I pluck

Its a new path altogether, a new beginning
where the futures bright, stars are shining

I'm building my own yellow brick road
to fulfill my dreams I'll get onboard


Monday, March 24, 2008

Give a little time to wake up

Cold stone clinging to my skin
water dripping from the cracks within

A ray or two of light falls
illuminating these black walls

I fly freely over the treasure chest
lying on a grass dune, at rest

The shining gold, the sparkling sun
my eyes flicker, seeing none

I fall deep down the circular bricked wall
felt like I tripped, felt I was really tall

Realizing the cushion under my head
I lay at rest, I lay over my bed